Fishing At The Edge Of Time

Coming to the water’s edge we bait the hook to see what will come our way today. Eagerly awaiting the purpose of life we sit for a spell and gaze into the far reaches of our imagination, seeking and yearning for the thing which exists just out of range - just out of the reach of our grasping and clutching hands. As we extend our attention beyond, we travel to the far reaches of space - and beyond.

Eventually we reach the boundaries of our existence and venture no further.

Reaching this stage in our evolutionary process takes a lot of time which of course requires an enormous amount of effort. Fishing is a sport after all and requires the exchange of experience, one upon the other.

Pinpointing our movement, we begin to rearrange the universe to our liking barely realizing that we have already done so. As we stare at the reflections upon the water of life we miss many a fish. It seems that there are much more than simply the one that got away.

As our attention comes to be moved away from our fixation we begin to entertain the thought that life exists every where we are, its shape and form perfectly suited to our own best interests. Interests? What interests could we possibly have other than sitting at the shore dreaming of the big catch of the day or at least conjuring up the glory of the one that got away. In either case it is ourselves that is the catch.

In the life and death struggle of being we chase down many a foe through the twisting and turning days of our lives called avenues of opportunity. Ignoring the purpose we have but the plan - gaining the thing of desire, any thing which just happens to become the target of our attention. As a roving band of thieves we steal into the night and come up with conquest taking delight in the fact that we are able to conjure up such an adventurous spirit. In the field of play we are but a piece of the puzzle. Perhaps it is time to expand our perception, to take in a much more all encompassing view of ourselves.

When we view ourselves in one fashion or another we delineate our boundaries of being and in so doing create limitation. An actor on stage simply cannot be allowed to play all the characters, there must be room to maneuver for the rest of the cast. Who among us realizes that we each are the sole star of the play called life and living? We create and experience all the roles as required by the script of purpose and plan - our purpose and plan. Being does not come about without such.

Sitting on the banks of a very good fishing spot we move though life and capture our desire. Running is very good exercise and we tend to make full and complete use of it. Setting the rabbit free we begin the hunt. The strange thing is that in creation we create experience and thereby become the victim of our own circumstances. As the circle of our movement completes it’s journey we eventually come to find the nothing of our nature as revealed in it’s totality. We are what we see as our nature is not only all encompassing but completely at the hands of the Great Maker.

Our totality reflects the Great Maker’s purpose and plan for we are that purpose and plan. In action we take being and when we become we are.

In taking credit for our movement we fool ourselves into thinking that our movement defines us and gives us being - which it does. But we are not simply all that we see, we also encompass the perception as well. In defining that which sees we come to break the chains of being, we come to break the cycle of fixation and terminate the script of purpose and plan. In freedom we come to find that there is no such thing as we realize that the Great Maker is nothing but our nature in a totality where we once found being.

In the field of play we define our individuality, our own sense of character - but we are not that character or individual. Our ego may take flight but that doesn’t mean we have to go along with it.

Fishing for experience we always come up with a good catch. Taking comfort in that experience we repeat it endlessly with great relish. We have the process down all too well whereby it comes to us as if unbeknownst to us - but it is known. Lazily we hold the rod of expectation awaiting our day in glory as we drift off to far away lands peopled with those of our imagination. Awaiting the pull on the line we expect the expected. We never disappoint as we always come home with experience completely ignoring the fact that our own movement of being is what gave us cause.

Through experience one tends to clutch the mentality of Don Quixote whereby one’s cause is right, true and just - because it is. Through the limitation of desire we become smaller and smaller in scope, depth and breath. As we pick up and fixate upon some aspect of what is perceived as being truth and justice we relegate that which contains that perception to the far reaches of obscurity. Self-importance is so very much grander!

There is no lack of wonderful and amazing fish stories being told by an amazing and wonderful cast of characters but what does that have to do with what we really are? Experience does not define us it can only give us cause to undertake some action we already have in mind. Playing out the script of life and living we become doomed to it’s effects.

If you don’t want to be the one that got away then perhaps it might be better to be that which you already are. All the rest is nothing but a good story from start to middle to end.

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