Hiding In Wolves Clothing

"These are the times that try Men's souls."

There are the times just as they always are and let's not forget the other half of the equation - a spiritual being wrapped in a female late-model Ford. It's all the rage no matter the make or model but tracking all the serial numbers can be such a pain!

These are the times just as they always are and always have been. Is Man a 'has been'? Is the time of Man coming to a close? Ages come and go with such irregularity that fear comes to be the driving force but as we all know by now fear is nothing but the idle imagination gone native. Brute force begets brute force - just ask any so-called enforcement authority. As peace comes to be jammed down our throats sooner or later the fat and plump goose just may begin to wonder just what is exactly going on here. There is nothing to fear but Man's fear wrought for "your own protection".

As the scenery changes nothing else does. It's the same old dress brought forth from the grungy old foot locker, dusted off and pleasing presented as being of fine dress. What glamour! If only we could all have such fine materialistic qualities but alas not all of humanity is so narcissisticly self-pleased as the gods which rule and lord over us. What a view!

Picking through the discards the rambling herds duly dote to and fro capitulating at every opportunity in order to keep the wolves at bay little realizing that the wolves are the so-called masters to begin with. "Be not afraid. I am here to help you!" Moo!

Dashing behind every rock and tree along the path to enlightenment the crowd goes wild in the wild foray into the great beyond, beyond mere mental constructs and into the vast plains of self-endowment. We must become something more than just our selves!

There is nothing more because there is nothing less.

Equality can be all the rage when the masses are tripping and falling all over each other in order to reach the top of the food chain but like all contrivances the illusion of triumph is like blowing into the wind. "Either you are with us or you are the enemy."

The enemy of our choosing is always right. Not only does it give us refreshment of purpose and plan but it also reminds us of our complicity in the turmoil of our own making. The enemy always is you.

Could we not all do with just a tad less 'you', traded in for a bit more wisdom? Maybe even just a hint of understanding?

Letting the shepherd go, dropping the staff of creating one's life and living memento allows us to break free of the flock and become something much different. Among the multitudes different never comes in fashion so expect to go it alone but as a word in warning never expect to be alone.

Capturing the world in our breast we can but walk the Earth in solitude allowing peace to pave the way into an eternity that is never apparent.

Consider the alternative among the beasts which gather in flocks and herds in order to survive but one more day upon the killing fields.

It takes courage to stand tall in the face of death, in the face of losing one's existence but it takes even more courage to face the Beast within. For every swing of the scales we ride the winds like there is no tomorrow. But there is a tomorrow and it comes to be created in order to flatline causality.

Only in balance can Man ever hope to survive the long dark night of the soul.

Playing the game of survival requires winers, losers and consolation prizes. Sometimes the only way to play is not to. That's what balance means.

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