Philosophical Conjuring

It is recognized that a lot of visitors who come here arrive through various links and such on the Internet via the Free Zone America ( domain name. Currently that domain is being redirected to the Other Times, Other Places section of Gathering Minds. Eventually, this redirection, and most likely the associated data, will be eliminated. This will have a negative impact on web site statistics but since there is zero interest in quantification here, who cares!

Most of what occurs out and away on the Internet involves seeking and searching for one thing or another to possess. This folly of great magnitude creates a narrow and hugely limited focus of attention. Don't get me wrong as a narrow and limited focus of attention can be a blessing in determining subtle differences and similarities but unfortunately the domain is typically associated with that focus in a detrimental fashion. Therefore, that domain and it's associated material is of little to no use at all in helping to bring the ship about and head it in the right direction. For most, their ship is simply stuck out on the ocean of experience and there it remains, pounded against the rocks of cause and effect.

That is not something which should be encouraged -- at all.

Most of the material associated with was written toward a particular mind-set, at a particular point in time. Time changes, along with everything else but the basis of that written material remains unchanged and is now being demonstrated much closer to it's proper form through current website additions.

Of course none of this really means squat unless and until something moves deep within one to allow it to. This is not for everyone, especially the faint of Heart.

There is a saying about knowledge, wisdom and their seeking. It goes like this: For those that understand, all the books in the world are useless and for those that do not understand, all the books in the world will not bestow it.

The answer does indeed, lie within.

It sure doesn't lie with It doesn't lie with this website either. There you have it.

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