Bounded By Fear

As an emotional state fear provides us with an enormous amount of experiential delight. It’s strong scent of character entices us ever onward into the deep dark depths of obscurity. Running away from the light we fervently seek out the confines of the dark in which to lick our self esteem into something more than the speck of worthless baggage it really is. Scribbling upon the wall of darkness we divine both the past and the future from those who have gone before us. Researching our way into a corner we withdraw ever further so as to not make it plain for all to see that we are nothing but a thin shadow of what we once were and with no short supply of criticism, of what we really are. Deepening our dark and dreary mood we take refuge in the fact that we are not alone and gladly pull others out of the light so as to not be alone.

But we are alone.

Walking among the dead and dying in a world populated by sock puppets we dare not look into the eyes of the puppeteer lest we find someone home looking right back at us. Trembling with the fear of being found out we succumb to anything and everything, hiding amongst the display cases of temptation and mockery. There is no way out we keep telling ourselves so that our spirits remain lifted or at least we hope so. Good companionship along a dangerous road is always welcomed with open arms. Safety in numbers defines our fears and though we proudly display our physical prowess for all to see and glorify, nothing can hide the fact of our own small and insignificant being. Fear shows itself despite our best efforts and sometimes in complete contrast to how we dress our sock puppet. It’s not who you know or how you know as either road takes one to intellectual shenanigans with no regard for peeking beyond the veil of ignorance.

As we turn out the light before bed taking comfort in the quiet of darkness, our dreams betray us.

Bounded by fear we wantonly clutch all those who appear as having their heads above water as we nurture the urge to get as far away as is possible in the shortest amount of time possible from the depths below. Swimming with fear the sharks feed.

Bounded by fear we see no one else for our own preservation is at hand. Our survival conforms to the rule of the fittest as we perform any and all deeds to ensure that it remain so. Trampling everything in our path we blindly forge ahead with concern being relegated to the weak.

Eventually we may succumb to the idea that in order to really get ahead we must play a different sort of game. Something of a different nature so as to fool everyone into thinking that our fear has left us. Perhaps, just perhaps we may even fool everyone long enough so as to be no longer considered a threat in which case our chances of arriving at the top of the food chain markedly increase. Yes, let’s pursue the noble path of spiritual enlightenment!

Unfortunately fear is fear and remains so until one unlocks the door to face Beast. Hiding in the shadows, no matter the game played, resolves nothing but one’s own conviction that this is reality. It is!

But what happens when fear comes to be no more? Will it take it’s leave on it’s own, especially in light of the fact that we have been feeding it an enormous amount of energy in order to keep it alive? Will it happily go out into the night on it’s own?

As we become bounded by our own reality it takes root and expresses itself in the puppet we call our human character. The Beast is certainly knocking on our door and we have every right to be afraid. We also have every right to be what we are and to open our Hearts to the universe. Shutting the door in order that we may live is nothing but a small selfish turn of the wheel which begets nothing but more wheels to turn. Endlessly our conviction has us running into the shadows in order that we may escape our nature.

Though we have given birth to conviction it is not us. And what you hear talking or thinking is nothing but the echoes of a human nature that has no existence away or apart from our desire to give it life. Clutching to life we fear the Beast.

Yes, clutching the beast we fear Life.

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