More Gazing At The Stars

In an interesting look-back, astronomer's gaze upon the universe and wonder at the wonder of it all. Reaching unto the vast expanse meaning comes to be derived.

It's no different than what the ensuing episodic muttering is all about.

Alex Collier's message is a strong and convincing one and so has become enshrined in the Alex Collier section. That specific section is a perfect match even though the other material found there is of an alternate perspective. But that is what the whole matter is all about anyway is it not? To change one's perspective, to let go firmly held beliefs systems and to embrace one's own wondrous nature.

It's really a very interesting fact that few and far between are the takers as the life experience hamster wheel of karma and revenge are much more pleasing to the eye. Biting our own tail we tuck tail and run screaming in suffering and despair.

How's it all working out for you now?

The funny thing is that no one can save us from ourselves - only we can do that.

But thank goodness that there are others in this universe who enrich their own experience through the enrichment of others. It's like that little smile from a complete stranger, a nod of the head in respect from someone unknown or even that momentary pause from one who defers to our own haste as we rush headlong into the universe.

When we come to care enough about ourselves to be our selves we find that there are others who deserve an even greater care.

All life is a gift - not for the taking but for the rejoicing.

There are some things which simply cannot be bought, bartered, nor sold. Holding on to our dreams, the sands of time slip through our fingers. Another moment lost.

Looking back or forward does have merit though. It keeps us occupied while we languish in the prison of our own making.

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