Circumventing The Inevitable

Eventually all events come to pass. In thinking, all thoughts comes to be pondered. In being, all experience unfolds. So what becomes of us? What becomes of us where limitation comes to be exceeded, to be broken and cast away as the refuse that they are. What now comes to fruition?

Perhaps in the tasting the Garden comes to be known. Out of the ocean of wisdom comes knowledge to do with as Man wishes. Casting aside the Demons of the day victory is assured. From conviction to playing out the script Man has no choices as it has already ordained it be as such. Following the thread back home requires much more than just due diligence.

Taking the long way home reveals the nature of indecision. One desire playing out upon another. Rubbing elbows with the rich and famous our fabulous nature remains unrepentant - even wishing for more! But this nature is not out nature but a creation of youth-full vigor and valor expressing itself as it alone sees fit. Returning the suit to the taylor for fine adjustment requires a look in the mirror of life and living. Nary a peak but a full blown stare infuses Man with pride and joy. What joy there is in being me! Until the makeup runs in the rain whereupon Man redeems himself by doing it all over again and again.

Sooner or later they both meet and in that moment of full perception and awareness the stars realign themselves accordingly. Fore-told comes to be nothing but a mind resting in peace.

Sooner or later the inevitable happens as all events are sure to do. Sooner or later the Scales of Justice swing in re-alignment. Sooner or later Man's desire wrapped in destiny unfolds and as the chapter ends perhaps the scene closes as well for it too suffers from inevitability. From individual to collective our reflections gives us away.

Now that you are found, you are it.

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