Running Scared

As we pursue our interest and interests in seeking, our attention comes to be fixed on an idea which we truly delight in expressing. Such joy do we find in this expression that we want to ensure that all are able to participate. Unfortunately, in this selfish expression of ideological love making we come to fall flat on our face as we stumble and mumble into the darkness of veiled sight. "All that we see is the expression of me." As the wheel turns, our expression comes back to haunt us and so we embrace the unhappiness from which we run, frightened as children of the deep, dark things which go "bump" in the night.

Not to worry, it is simply our selves knocking at the door, reminding us of who or what we really are.

The best way to eliminate avoidance is to quit seeking it. The best way to overcome anything is to cease projecting the power of beingness. The best way to "figure out" the best way is to terminate the thinking process altogether. Creating projections, through the use and abuse of one's mind-full entertainment, and then running away from them is a pretty silly thing to do. Are we so afraid of our selves that we will do anything in order to gain foot space ahead of it, always struggling to stay one step ahead? For what?

In the fear of our selves we define and exhibit the characteristics we so choose which are but a small slice of the totality which we are. How can one run from what is not real?

As the word is not the thing, so too is the idea we have of our selves. Neither represent reality but merely point to it. Can one point to the mirror and say that is 'me'? In reflection, we find definition. Is it any wonder that we dive into life and living completely and fully intent on 'being'. In so trying to make it real we define it's unreality, it's appearance.

Does one run in fright when yelling "Boo!" into the mirror which provides us with the appearance of our own reflection? How silly is that?

Smoke and mirrors create the sideshow to which many take great delight while others, of more mature stature, have no relation to the circus at all. Standing in one's totality means never leaving home. For some, creating the dark of night in which to attain experience is a glorious and desirable event, while others take no such refuge - in anything.

The only path before you is that which you create. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to give up creation, to just let it go?

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