The Man In The Mirror

A Few Words About 'Man'

'Man' is not being referred to here as that over uni-sexed version world dominion lovers embrace. There are two different spellings of 'man', one with a capital 'M' and one with a small 'm'. The small 'm' version represents man-kind and is all inclusive of humanity regardless of race, color, creed or sex. The flesh and bones which walk the Earth is man-kind. Please note that there is absolutely no regard for the controlled push of uniformity, of converting the joy of diversity into a single stamp of approval.

The capital 'M' version represents Man in it's totality well beyond the borders of life cycles. Where an individual life cycle denote 'man', the totality denotes 'Man'. This distinctive difference defines the same separation between one's spiritual nature and the nature of our human individuality.

The 'Man' in the mirror is Man. Sometimes the spelling of 'man' can be confusing if viewed on it's own as when it appears in a title or at the beginning of a sentence but the context will always give it away.

The Man In The Mirror

A hand-held mirror is one which contains a small mirror along with a handle so that the mirror can be comfortably positioned where one wishes in order to reflect and gaze upon that which one wishes to see. Just about everyone has one as if they were born with it and in many cases this is exactly so. The mirror being referred to here is not an actual physical mirror but a mechanism one uses in interacting with one's environment.

Everywhere one goes, and this is quite typical for most people whether embodied or not, the mirror is placed before one for the most optimum viewing pleasure. Yes, the pleasure of looking upon the beauty called 'me' and a fine beauty it is. There is absolutely nothing like it anywhere else and so it of course deserves to be gazed upon and appreciated to no end which is exactly what happens perpetually. This is not something one needs to work at, so much joy is derived from continual and repeated gazing upon the face of greatness and great wonder.

I am therefore, there beauty is.

When one engages in conversation with another the mirror beckons our gaze and admiration flows. What another says or does is only understood in relation to how it effects the image in the mirror. If it looks happy we are happy. When it looks sad we are sad. When it rages in torment we gladly express it's devastation. The thing of beauty in the mirror must survive and of course be pampered by all those before us.

Admiration for another's mirror only comes from some remarkable thing that they are doing with it - not for the mirror, but what one can do with it. Perhaps our own can be improved. In the interplay of mirror gazing the acknowledgement of our mastery is always sought. "Pat my back and I'll pat yours." But unlike the phrase "It is better to give than to receive." here it becomes "It is far better to receive even before contemplating giving." It makes us right.

Feeding the Beast we are consumed.

Communication requires a 'receipt' point, a point where the energy of thought can be received and duplicated. Have you ever tried telling someone something when they are far more interested in something else? That about covers 98% of the humans who run around in circles on this planet holding up their own mirror and yelling at the top of their lungs, "Look at me, am I not wonder-full!?"

How does one reach through the fabrications of thought in order to touch the spiritual nature of man. How does one bring about sanity in a world gone mad? It's not an easy job and these questions must be contemplated in order to peek beyond the veil of life and living. If one has no recognition of staring at one's self in the mirror how can there possibly be hope of seeing anything beyond, beyond the mirror. Does habit require unawareness on our part? Have we deadened ourselves to such a point that we have absolutely no idea of what is really going on around us?

It is here that we have come to the present day.

In our fixation on the greatness of being no room is left for the awareness of anything else let alone that still small voice within us declaring that something is not quite right, that we have gone off the rails.

Our spiritual nature is potentiality and when it moves the result is being. Trying to figure-figure it all out is like the television set wondering who is watching. There can be no understanding of that which created the sense of understanding as it comes way, way before it. Understanding is limited in scope and breath. How can one possibly move beyond that by being immersed within it?

How can one possibly discard the mirror of Man when we are it? It will not resolve because it is the wrong solution.

The correct solution is to be all that you can be. This doesn't mean to be all that you think you are but to be exactly what you are.

And for that there is no requirement of thinking, no compulsion of habit and no endless cycles of action on the roller coaster ride called life and living.

Just drop the mirror and see.

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