Stop Staring At The Mirror

Escape, that final frontier into which we place everything at our disposal. What survives becomes pursued into submission. All must give way before us. Is this not the reason for our existence? Indeed it is and so with hearts afire we relish each and every hollow victory. Fooling ourselves into believing, we live unhappily ever after.

Bearing the torch of one’s soul, can there ever be such a heavier burden? Weeping, we lighten the load, or so we think. Contemplating each and every move, our board of chess becomes overwhelmed with broken pieces scattered carelessly about. And so, with clean hands, we move on to the next opportunity of existence. “Evermore.” cries the wolf in despair.

Lives become lost once the living assume control. Of what use can the dead be? Turning a blind eye we pretend to not see. But fate has in store much more for us than our whimsical whims and regrets. Becoming out of tune, we age neither gracefully nor quietly. Where is it that we are going?

Looking in the mirror of life what else can be reflected but our own darkness for our nature will surely be missing for the eyes of the blind. Trying to see one’s self is like a dog chasing it’s tail. Is it any wonder that our thoughts turn to other adventures, other experiences of delight?

Finding one’s self is an impossibility but surely we can pretend otherwise. Have we not done so since the beginning of time? Looking for one’s keys is one thing but what clever soul came up with the idea of expanding upon that?

Beauty and life are found wholly and completely in each and every moment. There is nothing left over, nothing to carry forward, no experience to relish later. Looking for those things, we become ensnared in our own deception.

Stop staring at the mirror, will you.

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