The All-Pervasive Endowment of Slavery

Looking around us we see freedom in all things. From our own intentions to the creatures of nature we see and understand the freedom so inherent in their make-up. We go as we please, do as we please and say as we please. Our freedom knows no bounds but which we, ourselves, place upon it. Life is indeed, good.

As a plantation slave, fully owned and cared for by the Master, we dream our little dreams and continuously put forth hope into the future. Our lives surely must not come to aught or else we will have lived, and died, in vain. And so as we seek our fulfillment we understand the freedom we have to be very precious and which must be cared for. Seeking, we die a slow death.

What is amazing is that most of us call this living.

In fact, we have no freedom while under the influence. The Master has skillfully brought happiness to our door and so we must give thanks. Freedom, as the Master says, must be earned as he cracks the whip of intimidation and fear. Bowing to authority we live contented lives fully knowing that are needs are taken care of for us. Gladly we relish absolving ourselves of responsibility and gratefully we praise the political duty-bound who have our own selfish, best interests in mind. The Master does indeed, love us. This is, of course, business as usual and in our society of consumption we seek to keep the wolves at bay.

Seeking is our fate, our way of life and as the Master says, we must strive and strive hard to be all that we can be. Surely our trust is not misplaced. And so, as we give ourselves up for adoption, we find ourselves at the mercy of any thing and any one. "Please, tell me what to do."

As our lives on the Plantation matures and our way of life ingrained, we happily and joyfully pass down our values of wisdom upon our children and others' children. We are all but a big happy family and ensuring others' survival, ensures our own. We wouldn't want to upset the apple cart would we? No, the Master has made it quite clear, we must share the peace and harmony of the plantation in order to continue our valued way of life.

Escaping is not an option, so we fall in, heart, body and soul.

Sometimes, in order to form a more perfect union, we must look at things differently. Even though our thoughts are set in stone and despite the so-called travails of examining reality, we must do so none-the-less for in our examination we just may find what we are really looking for.

Slavery, whether to thought, word or deed, is nothing but a sleep of ignorance.

Peace and harmony under any organized system is anything but.

So the Master says.

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