The Will of Man

Among the deceased there is an ever popular idea that mental concentration will bring back life. Through massive effort and conniving means, life will again become the experiential dream blossoming into reality once more. From here to there the trail of tears lies broken and abandoned while hope rules the day and through that hope clever mental tricks become the order of the day.

Through the mind disasters do happen.

When life has left the living all that remains is death, darkness and an innate ability to feed upon the life we once knew. Of course death itself can never be contemplated for the terror which results becomes inescapable, filled with images which must not be addressed. We dare not see reality.

As we lose touch with all that is we endow our creation with ever lasting life and influence. Our status becomes ensured when our mental prowess becomes exploited and forcefully demonstrated. Parlor tricks entertain us as we wait for the life of the party to arrive. Unfortunately, life never does arrive and so our endeavors come to naught. Inbreeding, our imagination takes flight and we become all that we think we should be, and more.

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