Freedom Remains

Away in the hearts and minds of those who see not, there lies a better life, or so the image tells them. Through the looking glass reality develops and envelops the unaware. Surely there is a life to be had as we bow our heads in silent sleep. Dazing, our attention becomes blurred and out of focus. Slowly we rescind the rights with which our Creator has bestowed upon us for safe keeping. Are we up to the task?

Even though we may shirk away from our duties, nevertheless, those duties remain in full force. We simply cannot walk away.

Our dreamy life gives us the hopes and dreams we yearn for and at the end of the road we find ourselves no further along than those we have trampled upon in order to get there. But 'get there' we did and the coldness of our death bed relays that fact quite clearly. Fading from sight, we lose sight. Why must we see this when all has already been said and done? Why must we wait for the end of life to understand life? Future endeavors, no matter the way of conquest, all lead to the exact same end. Where, oh where has all the time gone?

Wasting away, we find fullfillment in the most simplest of things. Life is everywhere, need we to deny it to ourselves so that we may fully appreciate its aspects? Unfolding our wings, we take flight and rise above and beyond our empty footsteps. Whatever the mode os transportation the sign on the road reveal all.

We have never left.

One simply cannot go any where when one has rooted oneself ever so firmly whether through thought or it's resulting action. All roads lead to Rome so of what recourse do we have? Of what depth of understanding need we take heed of in order to go where no man has gone before? In action our guilt betrays us.

There is but one moment in all of time and history that we reach a fruition of our hopes and dreams and in that moment of clarity we simply let it all go. Dropping our baggage we become no longer the traveller. Freedom is no just another word for rules, procedures and some particular 'way of life'. Freedom is, and nothing else.

Beyond the unending transition of night into day freedom remains. Beyond the transition of 'here' to 'there', freedom remains. In fact, that is all there is. All that, is all that there ever will be.

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