Aliens And The Coming New World Order

The title is a bit of a misnomer as there will be no New World order. Despite various alien influences and local combative hegemony, there is much work to be done in order to bring to fruition the best laid plans of those who perpetuate themselves in the shadows. Unless, of course, Man sees fit to embrace the immortality of servitude. But even in the face of these odds, nothing lasts for ever, and it never does. The pendulum swings as it has always swung and will continue to do so until we each find our way off the hamster wheel of life and death.

There is much more to existence than existence.

The Universe is filled with all sorts of wonderful and dastardly beings. Civilizations come and go and yet the core remains. The core remains. If no effort is expended in revealing that core than our fate binds us to our past in order to carry out the future. Slavery demonstrates it's finest hour while vigilance sleeps.

Mesmerized by repeating patterns, is it any wonder that we drift in and out of paralysis? When the mind takes hold of fear, it seems to never let go, but let go it must. Not only is it fear that must be conquered, but we must also kill the beast from which it springs. While our thoughts betray us at every turn, we must continue to hold the course, steady and sure. There is always an end in sight but the question remains - are we courageous enough to reach it? Not many are despite the mental prowess so pridefully excremented. Seeing our way through the storm takes courage and skill, how many times shall we do this?

How many times shall we doubt the skill with which we have already charted our courses. When the flat Earth concept was left behind in our haste to the future someone forget to tell us that we had already fallen off. Thankfully, we are not all left for dead. In the face of hypnotic reasoning a few brave souls find the wherewithal to look beyond the message and to capture the meaning. No one gets left behind.

As we wallow in self pity and disgust we convince ourselves that we are indeed living in the Land of the Free. There is no land of freedom and there is no land where security reigns supreme. We are all at risk each and every day no matter what we do. Fear can drive us mad but for most, insanity is a welcome relief from responsibility.

But why let me tell you about your condition when you are already intimately familiar with it? The question, though, remains. What are you going to DO about it?

  * Interest lies where the heart is.


31 Mar 2005 142300

...Unless, of course, Man sees fit to embrace the immortality of servitude.

Answer me this: Are things getting better or worse? To the degree that they are worse is to the same degree that one is a slave. A slave cannot make things better, only one who is free can.

Does no one care that the Angel of Death has been let loose upon the land? It seems not. The pursuit of greed shares the same phrase as so-called medical practitioners - the surgery was successfull, unfortunately, the patient has died.

Greed may be successfully encompassed, but woe is he who does so.

But perhaps, just perhaps, mankind is yet to be stirred from it's sleep.

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