Ennobling Ourselves With Spiritual Freedom

Spiritual freedom is overrated. As a concept, it has little to do with reality and every thing to do with our own sense of so-called 'self purpose'. Our urge towards selfishness tends to precede common sense and during our years of strife and suffering we slowly, if we are lucky enough, begin to look at our own actions and motives.

Behind every thought lies an obscured reality and in our quest to have reality take shape and form at the behest of those thoughts, we die each and every day. There is no saving for a rainy day when it comes to being overwhelmed with thoughts, concepts and ideas.

Shaking our very foundation is about the only thing that actually gets our attention. Sleeping in our pretension of death we react slowly if at all. Why should we change? But change we must lest our universe become populated with rules and regulations whose sole purpose lies in keeping the integrity of our chains intact. Escaping is never an option when little do we realize that we are trapped by our own design.

Trapped by our own design.

Is it any wonder that when we take the spiritual freedom cause and proclaim ourselves as converts our efforts, while showing some signs of experiential happiness, always falls short of our out-stretched hands. We follow our nose into oblivion as we dive deep into the ocean of life. Can there ever be a way out?

Of course there is no way out when we look to run from our troubles. There is no way out even when we do not look to run from our troubles. In this ever lasting moment of now why would we look for something else but to stroke our own self image. Living up to thoughts, ideas and concepts, we can do nothing else but die trying. When we move out of present time we do so much more than die, we kill all those around us as well. Taking the universe for hostage, we demand our right to live. What foolishness is this?

Projecting our image of worship, we expect others to bow before us and at the same time, we relish the opportunity to withhold our own acquiescence to the images projected by others. Image against image our thoughts give us away. Seeing beyond the ordinary is accepted about as well as having a tooth pulled. Even the idea of our house of cards being demolished is abhorred.

Is it any wonder that we take the time to ensure our longevity by making nothing of everything and everything of nothing. But that is, after all, the point.

There is nothing there but that shouldn't stop us from ennobling ourselves with spiritual freedom, should it? Replacing one image, one concept with another is about the only game there is and so we play it with conviction.

Let's pretend that there is meaning to spiritual freedom. Let's pretend that our own cause, our own experiential meanderings have the slightest importance. After all, isn't that what life is all about? Pretending to live when we are really dead.

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