Unhappiness Is The Door

Waiting in the wings, time passes us by as if we are standing still. Holding our breath we remain quiet secretly waiting and hoping that our day will come. Ever watchful for portents we never sleep. Dreaming that we are awake, our slumber takes us even further into the depths of the abyss. Gazing through the murky waters of life, we pretend.

How is it that time knows no bounds and yet this ever present limits us and contains us? Thinking of other things, other lives, we fall out of favor and the present takes on a handicap glow. Running away by doing anything and everything we let ourselves feel some sort of satisfaction and yet why is it that we are ever looking out for more?

There can be no satisfaction in life especially when there is so much to be experienced. The weary can know of no rest and even in death the torment continues. Lashing out, we seek solace in our victim's plight and take refuge in their pain and suffering. Surely there must be more to this than our own image in the mirror of life and living.

Unfortunately the mirror gives us the shape and form we so desire and as we make our journey through life we come to see nothing but ourselves where ever and when ever we look. As our attention takes flight our roots grow ever deeper into the foundation, more firmly planting ourselves with conviction.

Unhappiness is the door to opportunity and through that door only the courageous step.

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