You Already Are The Sky

In order to reveal to one's self that which makes up one's self all that need be accomplished is to develop and nurture a sharp keen eye for honesty. Honesty, or truth, is that single common thread which underlies all that lives and not lives. It exists in, on and around us and does not depend upon any thing or any one for it's existence, it's acceptance or it's demonstration. Despite our best efforts, it remains with us at all times and at all places. In fact, it is impossible to avoid it, though we try mightily to escape it's touch.

In order to reach they sky one must declare that it exists separate and apart from ourselves. We must clearly define ourselves, and it, in relation to one another. As we separate ourselves amid the chants of persuasion we become dishonest to ourselves. It is impossible to hide oneself unless we fully encompass the idea of not being. As we enforce to ourselves the idea of not being 'there' but 'here', we extend our blindness to others, for they too suddenly exist as well.

In retracing our steps we hope that we may once again regain our lost birthright but as you can see, this fallacy of thought merely continues the life of thought itself. In honesty, we have never stopped playing games with ourselves. And it continues even today.

It becomes quite difficult to make the whole, whole again when the whole can not be anything but the whole. It is complete in and of itself. But that requires honesty of one's self and so in our delusion of grandeur, we become confused and seek a way out. Naturally we find many who will help us with this quest. Naturally we ignore our own honesty and relied instead, upon thought to carry the day. It doesn't work that way. Thought creates for itself it's own existence. "I am."

Therefore, the easiest and most simplest answer for any thing and every thing is honesty. Without it, you can never catch yourself as you fall. Without it, the world is a very dangerous place indeed.

In order to reach the sky all that need be recognized is that the sky is already within one's self. What is there to reach when you already are the sky?

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