Welcome to the Land of the Living

In this land of NO RETURN ye shall surely waste away and come to naught. But that is the whole point isn't it? To come to nothing, to end up nothing with nothing to do, say or act upon. Life flows from it source and here at the Source, Life flows. Upon the Waters of Life, life takes a tumble and fall. Many times, it picks itself back up and tries, again and again and therefore we must diligently seeks it's destruction through the use of honest perception.

Fooling ourselves is the same as being the Fool. Of what good can there come of it for the Fool becomes the host of ourselves, capturing and containing those things which we deem of value. Holding on for dear life, we swim upstream, desperately trying to keep our heads above the water. Failing even this, we imagine otherwise.

As we fall all over ourselves, again and again, we never stop trying to seek the Golden Fleece. We just 'know' that there is something "out there" to be had. There is definitely some thing in which we can take flight, all we need do is capture it and so our escapades turn into adventures of one sort or another.

Alone at last we seek revelation and yet, no matter the message received, our deception precludes us from seeing anything. As we turn a blind eye to Truth our reasons to live become endless. Climbing up the Ladder of Life, our fall becomes ever further. Lengthening our stride we hurry to make ends meet. Unsatisfied we endeavor to reach ever higher.

As we chase ourselves we keep the mind's eye firmly fixed and so our dreams of Existence become as real as we believe. In belief we hold our most inner convictions and so, full of glorious thoughts, we seek full-fillment.

There can be no belief in Reality. Truth is self-evident and whole in and of itself. Going ANY where becomes fraught with peril and to which our demise is surely well placed.

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