About FZA

Free Zone America is a place where spiritual freedom is actively sought in an intelligent and sane manner. There is a great fondness for directness here without all the obfuscation of who and what is 'right' along with the insane amount of justifications and the like. Spiritual freedom, plain and simple.

But there is more to it than that.

Any clever being can create all types of routes and procedures to attain some conceptualized goal or end point. This is nothing new, nor is it new to allow the mind to wallow in idealized thought and forever stay the hand of real knowledge.

Despite the fact that at times, concepts and ideas are used here, please remember that nothing is beyond our sight. Absolutely nothing.

From Space Opera to the mundane nothing is out of reach or sacrosanct. This doesn't mean that these things are right, or wrong, in any interpretation one wishes to give them. Tools are sometimes used to help one in achievement. The real attention is applied in going beyond these to where no Man or mind can go.

It's the purpose of auditing and the purpose of this web site. To demonstrate that out of the mind of man disasters can, and always do, happen and then to take it a step further.

Pointing the way to an idealized concept leads to certainty of nothing and the only gift that any individual can give to another is the freedom and the right to find one's own truth.

Without trampling upon another's beingness, let us begin.

The truth isn't out there, it's within.

Come get some.

Additional Notes

28 Feb 2005

Stability Of Rigidity

Free Zone America is on a constant timeline. It has no concrete existence and never will. Do not look for surety nor comfort in familiar surroundings.

If one wishes for slavery, all that one needs to do is just continue following the steps as outlined by those who already control the puppets of Earth. They call these puppets cattle for a reason.

But here it is an altogether different story. There are no authority figures, no lusting for power, real or imagined, and no social standards in which to comfort the mind.

It's a new kind of break dancing. :-)

01 Mar 2005

Auditing And E-Mailing

I do not audit. I neither own nor possess any Scientology related material. Therefore, please do not ask questions of me about what method, book, tape, etc. is preferable over another. These and similar questions may, of course, be asked of others here but personally, I have no interest in auditing, training or guiding another to reach any type of state of being, real or imagined.

If it is not already obvious, this means that no commerce takes place here, spiritual or physical. Spiritual Freedom cannot be bought nor can it be sold. If one is not involved in spirituality for the pure joy of it, then one is quite removed from it in the first place. And if that is the case it doesn't matter how much money changes hands, nothing will have been accomplished but the same age-old scam of domination and control.

My recommendation to those whose physical pleasures depend upon a paying public is this: get a day job and leave the concept of Spiritual Freedom to those that know something about it.

Free Zone America has no active email address. Any email sent to FZA will go into what is called a black hole. It does not get returned to the sender nor is any type of notification, at either end, made. It just goes away.

All communication related to Free Zone America that requires the attention of the Webmaster must be posted in the Forum with an appropriate subject title.

Going beyond the experience we create for ourselves requires more than just idle chit-chat. It requires a depth and breath of being never imagined. Of course actual being cannot be imagined as that is why it is call 'being' and not 'imagination'.

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