Pointing The Way

Encircling the universe with images of ourselves, we come to see all else as being something separate and apart from whence it came. Unfortunately, death awaits us all in this regard and in our haste of finding eventuality, we run into the infamous 'brick wall', full on and head on with gusto and glee. Sooner or later arriving becomes what we fear most. Our images must survive!

Aghast in the horror of looking into the mirror, we turn away quickly with a remembrance lost to time and space. Seeking is what we do and we yearn to do it even better. Finding the rainbow at the end of our journey is but for the weak for the strong surely exhibit altogether different qualities. Finding our doom and gloom we relegate ourselves to the back seat in our perpetual quest for attainment. We are never alone nor lost when we keep ourselves company with distraction. Focusing on the light, we head for the kill zone none-the-less.

Amazingly, as we render ourselves into little selves, big and small, we continue to march on into the dawn of our new age. Despite the fact that it comes when and as it chooses, we desperately create alternate realities in which to full-fill ourselves to no end. When our just desserts fail to arrive as we expect, we tend to go get them for ourselves.

As we blind ourselves with delight, we find none, experience none, and so our full-fillment is nothing but another self-delusional image we uphold in order to demonstrate just how far and to what ends we will go to turn our backs upon Ourselves. In our haste to grow we become children, falling over ourselves in order to 'get ahead'.

There is no where to run and no where to hide. From imagination to experience full-fillment, no other roads exist for in existence nothing lives. In destruction of conception lies totality but once the seeking starts life begins anew!

Life, in it's shape and form rules eternity but beyond life and death lies neither eternity nor existence. Can you see it?

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