Don't Try This At Home

When the blind lead the blind where else can the road lead but to a blind alley? Where else can cattle graze if not by finding the sacred pasture through trial and error? Surely we must all come to no end in order to find that the end lies buried deeply within us.

Digging out of the quagmire of our own efforts we relish the opportunity to be free only to find that the price of freedom is much too expensive for our tastes and so we languish in despair waiting and hoping for someone to save our day. Waiting in the wings, life passes us by until fear finally takes us into the night. Losing our way, we come to be born once again in order to set the record straight. With high hopes we set out once again for the Holy Grail.

Perhaps it would be best to go to the local pet store and come to own a hamster and it’s wheel. Perhaps that is all that would be necessary. In intense study, the way becomes quite clear.

But for the rest of those embodied souls who wish to long endure the torturous path of existence, please don’t try this at home.

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