It's A Long Time Coming

Sooner or later, as we reach for the furthest star at the very edge of our periphery, we come to realize that what we are seeing and what we think that we are seeing, are two very different things. Out of our storehouse of fact an innuendo, we establish ourselves, taking on the reins and drive hard forward and faster. We must reach our goal.

It becomes even more insane when we turn our eyes towards freeing ourselves of all unwanted thoughts, feelings and emotions. After a time, we come to fool ourselves that we are fooling ourselves. Digging in deeper, we go deeper to sleep. Surely there is a way, acceptable to all our rules and regulations, in which we can "go free". Surely, our striving will reap the rewards we seek, much in the same way that we have conducted our affairs for all eternity. Striving, we step out of ourselves to achieve what lies beyond us.

It would be like becoming captivated by the turn of events in a movie. As we immerse ourselves in the flashing pictures, we forget that the filtered reflected light is nothing by our hopes and dreams come true. Can the world itself be any different? Can our universe be far removed from exactly what we 'think' it is? Where else does our imagination exude such confidence other than through our thinking? Waking up means little when one is fully captivated by the effects of sleep. Why would one be ever so bold as to stop the movie right at it's most exciting part?

Stretching and reaching our touch upon the Land, we come to establish ourselves in 'aliveness'. What folly! Turning both left and right, all that we see is ourselves in motion. Where else do we exist other than right before our very eyes? Perhaps behind those eyes is what we will one day come to contemplate. Questioning ourselves, we provide fodder for the cannon. It IS an act of war when we turn the movie projector off.

Waiting in Time for another to come along and do what you must do is nothing more than demonstrating that asleep you are and asleep you wish to remain. Later is only of concern to the fruition of imagination. In thought, we establish ourselves, in thought we remain. How silly is that? Responsibility comes to be so deeply buried that our day to day lives becomes full of 'me'.

Looking our for Number One is what it is all about anyway, isn't it? Well, it is true when it is you who seek out 'spiritual freedom'. It is true when it is you who continues to want and desire the things and ideas that dance in your head. Hopes and dreams do come true, but what of it, they have nothing to do with establishing yourself in yourself.

Away from the noise of death and destruction, peace remains. It's a long time coming, but who says that that is so?

Freeing yourself from yourself is not a path, a rote and rigid procedure, or even a Blessing from Above. It's easy for the mind to endlessly come up with, and seek after, 'things'. That's why, in order to find your way out of the mine field of despair, you sometimes must eliminate all the 'things' which you are not.

It's a bit difficult for the mind to attach itself to nothing and when it has nothing in which to fool us, there is only one thing that will be left. Not thoughts, not words and not actions.

Dreaming the Dreams of Man is an activity that has and will, keep us busy forever. And if that's not obvious by now, then surely one must continue to extend one's reach in order to 'find' the same Death and Destruction that is always on the menu.

Just say 'no'.

When you stop entering the minefield of despair you will come to see that the movie in which you have immersed yourself pales in comparison to the Reality of Life. In fact, there is no comparison at all. It would be like waking up one morning, walking outside and being in awe at the astounding beauty of Nature, of Life and of Being.

Going to the office and having someone mindlessly say, "Nice day, isn't it?" would be like being in a Dream.

It is.

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