Turning Back The Tide

Gazing outward, we take in all that we create making it our own. Feeling our effects, we take great pride in being in and of the world. Experiencing all that there is to experience, we find solace in ourselves. Peacefully dreaming, we wish not to be disturbed and as time extends our fancy, we come to survive at great lengths. As our creations take away out attention, we see come to see nothing and so reality falters as we swiftly seek to fill the void. We must continue to live.

Eventually, we look upon our creations as the things which they really are, Play things.

In the finding of insight, we reveal to ourselves that not all is at it appears to be. Something is not quite right and as our attention once again goes out into the world, we see lose ourselves in the thirst for knowledge. Seeker we do become and remain so until intelligence begins to take root in our being. Knowing right from wrong, our actions become impeccable, but until such time we remain stranded in ignorance.

Turning back the tide of ignorance is no easy task for one who is fully engaged in creating the tide, completely blinded to one's own aspect in action. But this too is nothing but losing one's self in the world. Whether the world consists of actions, experiences or thoughts matters not as when the spider spins it's web, something will surely become ensnared. Until one takes an enquiring look into the state of affairs nothing will change. Blindly we fail to see what we wish and so reap the rewards.

Unless and until we finally run on empty, we will continue to spin our wheels going no where at all. Unless and until we actually come to terms with our existence we will have done nothing at all. As we continue to play with our toys we become much too busy spinning our wheels than to venture into a reality quite separate and apart from our childish imagination. Growing up is hard to do in direct relation to the lunacy of our fixation.

As we create the world to be, it is. As we create the multitudinous effects in which we relish living our lives, we lose our selves. In creating our own pain and suffering we fear for a future we no long can control. We fear for our possessions and are more than willing to commit any and all actions which we think will lead us to keeping them. In fact, our creations come to create the image that we have of our selves. No longer are we spiritual beings with the Almighty at the helm, but instead we become those who are ruled by the gods. And since all gods are man-made, we bow in supplication and submission, diminishing our nature and embellishing our stature.

It all comes to be about ideas, the thoughts that we hold of our selves and others. In this game of false gods we surely must rise to the claim of victory. In dominating all, perhaps we will find the solace we seek. Unfortunately, it doesn't work that way. In furthering our imagination we merely dig ourselves in deeper.

In order to turn back the tide of our over-active thought process, all that we need do is to face our own nature. To root out the core of our being, to dedicatedly seeking our true nature. To turn away from our creations and to shine our light of attention upon reality, not to the appearance of reality, but to the real.

One does not create reality but one can create the appearance of a reality for one's own benefit. In this appearance we have become lost and so the answer is to seek the actual reality, that which remains above and beyond all else. Once we begin to leave our creations behind we come to see the reality upon which they all depend. Once we uncover our true nature we will have found all that we have ever been looking for.

And then there will be no waters of life in which to take existence for eternal existence will have found us.

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