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Bits And Pieces

It seems as if we are fed bits and pieces along the way, ensuring and guiding us along some particular path of which we are completely ignorant. It's a lie of course because we know what we know. There is no escaping our selves. Along the... 13 Sep 2022

Time Has No Essence

The subject of 'time' can be haunting. Escaping it's grasp can be like the paper from which the fly never escapes. Written upon the sands of time the inevitable 'happens'. I will make it plain.... 29 Aug 2022
http://time -has-no-essence

Ignoring The Ignoble

Pestering sentiment requires one to be of solid mind and in so doing reclaim a forgotten template of things past. There is no movement and so with a dearth of time dependent occurrences there comes a time of determination of which few will... 30 Jan 2021

Running Scared

As we pursue our interest and interests in seeking, our attention comes to be fixed on an idea which we truly delight in expressing. Such joy do we find in this expression that we want to ensure that all are able to participate. Unfortunately,... 29 Mar 2007

We Create Our Own

In a gathering storm particles collide with a symphonic wave of enthusiasm known only unto itself. There is a method to all the madness but unless one knows the dance step, all seems lost and at the very least, incomprehensible. It is not our... 11 Sep 2006

Missing The Obvious

Looking around, we see and in so doing we come to understand where it is that we are in the Universe, where we "fit in". Without this foundational underpinning of our consciousness we would be lost since one cannot stand rooted without a basis... 11 Sep 2006

Why Do We Create?

We are all fully capable of creating effects. We do so each and every day whether we are completely aware of it or not, whether we are completely aware of the results of those effects upon us or not. We can create pain and sorrow or we can just... 19 Aug 2005

Turning Back The Tide

Gazing outward, we take in all that we create making it our own. Feeling our effects, we take great pride in being in and of the world. Experiencing all that there is to experience, we find solace in ourselves. Peacefully dreaming, we wish not... 17 Aug 2005

Going Beyond The Kill Zone

When we enter our spheres of influence not only do we open up ourselves to flight and fright, but we also create the environment into which we spill the entirety of our hopes and dreams. Seeking beyond the pale images which reflect upon our... 25 Feb 2005

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