We Create Our Own

In a gathering storm particles collide with a symphonic wave of enthusiasm known only unto itself. There is a method to all the madness but unless one knows the dance step, all seems lost and at the very least, incomprehensible. It is not our job to create a knowledge in which the lost and lonely find comfort and companionship. Far from it.

Instead of superficial shenanigans we devote our selves to the unraveling of the spirit, of the unwinding, the peeling away of ignorance. This is never accomplished contrary to time, place, form and event, but alongside of it. We do not create the tools at our disposal but are merely the holders of a sacred trust and it is in this trust that we never waiver.

Events come and go as they are wont to do but in dancing the Dance of Life we move to and fro according to the beat of the Universe, not our own. We do not have a reality in which we create our selves or our images, but we do have a reality in which our beingness takes root, shape, form and function. As these pass the time, time passes and unfolds at it's own rate, it's own pleasure. We do not survive this Universe nor are we the death of it.

Keepers of the Flame, the sacred trust of life eternal knows no bounds, no thought, word nor deed in action. These merely exist within which totality moves it's self. As obedient Slaves we follow no matter where the evidence leads. As Masters of the game, we become mere players in life assuming role and roles as required. Is this to be our ultimate fate? Fear not, as fate has no existence apart from fear and fear is something which we do not know.

Bound in responsibility our shoulders are light in load. Nothing is taken and nothing is given. In balance, peace is known and this is carried to the fours corners of perpetuity. Creating thus, we create our own.

Indeed, we all create our own. Our own gathering in which to unfold.

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