Edging Closer To The Abyss

Waking up into a nightmare is something which most of us do each and every day. The planet is in a nose dive with complete disregard for status or position, real or imagined. Drowning in our own sorrows, we gratefully enter the Abyss.

Death and destruction are both terminal and ultimately the bottom of the barrel is reached. When the point of balance comes to focus, back up the ladder of life do we climb only to do the same over and over again, never letting the thought enter our heads that history repeats itself for a reason. Are we so cold and callous, even to ourselves, that we refuse to actually take a look at what is occurring in our world, to look objectively at both ourselves and our environment?

Looking never seems to be the problem but seeing certainly does.

Our eyes can take in all that we survey and at arms length, we examine it all bypassing the natural urge to find our rightful place among our experiences. We do indeed create the world around us and these days that world is a very, very messy place. In our reflection, we come to see ourselves. And in running at full tilt away from reality we take refuge in illusion and appearances. Is it any wonder that this is the world in which we have found, an illusionary and shallow edifice fraught with inner turmoil, insanity and "not here-ness". In our separation from reality we kill the messenger and in so doing we come to realize that birth and death hold sway. We not longer entertain the idea that we are Masters of the Universe, but merely pawns in someone else's game of chess.

In thought, word and deed we dutifully follow the rump of the leading cow, never taking our eyes off the prize - following in someone else's footsteps. Held in high regard, in their own minds, are the leaders who encourage our own madness so as to justify their own. As the masses accept the bait the sheep control their own. Is it any wonder that breaking out of our own chains is so extremely difficult and down-right dangerous?

Fear is a powerful and compelling force, but only in the minds of a slave. One who is grounded in their own being has no need of fear. The choice is entirely our own for the taking and when we do not, others will gladly step forward to fill that void for us.

"We are here to help you."

Eternity is too small a space to contain all the "help" that has been offered, bartered and enforced and the price too high. When we take responsibility for our own actions, our own lives, no help will ever be needed. No Man is an island, but the entire Universe.

When we beg for alms we become servants of exchange. This is not to say that all offerings are tainted, as this is simply not true. But there is a chasm of difference in one's own outlook and the process of 'outside' assistance.

Nature not only runs it's course but it also takes care of it's own. When we move away from our selves we move away from that encompassing embrace and come to find that we have lost not only our way but also our compassion. In becoming so lost, we lose everything and become the victim of our own undoing.

Death to the Infidel. Death comes hard to our self image but unravelling the effort with which we began the journey is like taking the trail back home, and arriving. Who is there to help to do what? Since we can only become cattle by our own design, it is completely within our realm to cease doing so.

So, go ahead and do it.

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