Complimentary Communique

It has been a long time coming. The choices have been made and the consequences rejected with nary a thought devoted to such childish actions as taking responsibility.

The Earth, being the prison so very much enjoyed by the inmates, moves on in time and space and yet there is no movement other than in the thoughts of those who lust for capitalistic adventures out among the stars. "The Universe is ours for the taking!" goes the cry as the banner of the House of Cards travels up the pole, being saluted by young and old alike. Cell mates, over time, tend to form perfect circles.

And it is in that circle that all happens. Unfortunately for the close knit unity of like mindedness, that too comes to be dealt with in due time and course. Illusions come to be created from our own selfish urges and expand out into the Universe filling the Void with all sorts of refuse. In light of the fact as our destiny approaches, we go out into unclaimed territory and stake it firmly into our slaves' minds that THIS is ours, that THIS is our time, our place to full-fill our god-given duty to rule as we see fit. And so we eagerly engender the feeling of conquest, urging all in our grasp to do likewise. Our domain is all that we see and in so pulling in eternity, we fall victim to it's urges. As we succumb to the urge to "be" we become something much less than our selves. In our fallen disgrace we will hide any where, doing and being merely taking a back seat to our escape. Running is good exercise but it will never cause us to reach home, to reach our true nature.

Global happenings continue to happen as they have always been with no changes in sight. The mind of Man fools itself into changing nothing. So be it, but as the Dance of Life continues to ever compel us to join in, we do. As long as long is we grasp it while we are given the time. Though the life of Man is rooted in pain and sorrow there comes a time to allow that pain to purge itself, to come to terms with it's self in order to full-fill it's own purpose, it's own desire. Standing in the mirror we see ourselves and cry, and yet do nothing.

Courage, in this day and age, is not something which is known. Though the appearance of heroes is manufactured and discarded with ease, the shell remains. Pompous is the suckling pig who knows no bounds of decency among Man. The planet need not be saved from itself as balance comes to be fraught with trial and terror, with pain and peril. Nature does indeed take it's course.

When one clings to the flesh then birth and death will come to us in the same. Here, meat-centric ideology remains upheld in high regard and since reality is something which cannot be taught nor passed down, this sad state of affairs will continue to run it's course. Open eyes are dangerous eyes and are summarily torn out in order to perpetuate death by the reflection of society formed into self preserving governing bodies of pride and prejudice. Woe to the Man who walks alone.

Though this era of ill repute seems endless, when all appears at it's darkest, light comes to be given attention and therefore makes it's self quite apparent though it is quantified and qualified heavily by ignorant victims of self flagellation. It's hard to get one's feet wet here without having them amputated.

As the Earth cannot come to an independent conclusion on it's nature, it is therefore recommended that it be allowed to continue to run it's course without outside interference. The outside hand of deceit is quite evident already and though this has served it's purpose well, the time has come to end it. This will, of course, endanger existing internal disputes among the colonies but it will clearly give impetus to that with must continue to be run out.

The appearance of higher intelligence was purposefully manufactured in order to draw in and to give away certain positions and purposes. Though this plan was successful to some degree it was also anticipated and used to great benefit elsewhere.

The following is recommended to be implemented immediately:

  1. Pull back all support services to outer boundaries.
  2. Expand the non-interference zone to also elliptically enclose Proxima Five.
  3. Terminate all resident infiltration.
  4. Withdraw all incursions, assists and services.
  5. Void all compact signatories as being unethically based.
  6. Revise Federation timeline in excess of 500 Cycles, minimum.
  7. Use current facilities as Training Ground.

The following are coded high priority: 1, 3, 5.

Currently, it has not been demonstrated that there is enough local impetus to alter any of the above in the foreseeable future. In accordance with due diligence, No. 7 shows promise and can be used as a parallel vector. A quiet withdraw is advantageous.

Diplomatically, there are support services being offered and accepted per standard. This off-world support is conditional and tagged and remains under Council control.

There is a Gathering Storm but it has moved it's locus and so, as the reed bends our goal can be considered complimented.

End communique.

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