The Portal Of Doom

Long in hope and short in reality, many beings which walk the Earth tend to live on the "wild" side of the tracks, so to speak. Out reality is a term used to describe those who, like their counterparts locked securely away from society, are out of touch with anything and everything but their own mental shenanigans. Computing this and that, the tally always seems to come up short, out of focus and way beyond the bounds of reality.

Even though we all create the reality within which we fully immerse ourselves, there is something which breaks in, on and around our own captivation. There is something which exists right in front of our very eyes and to which we exert great effort in avoiding. It's called "what is", a reality in which all have their being.

The trick to recognizing ourselves is to stop looking elsewhere.

In this 'elsewhere' there lie many, many paths in which to fully occupy our attention, our thoughts, words and deeds. We are only too happy to comply.

In this compliance we find great comfort and glee and so before us lies a portal to another dimension, another time where we can escape our selves in order to fool ourselves that we have escaped. Thinking thus, we become 'free'.

Stepping through doors of opportunity we seek, and in that seeking we cloak ourselves in beingness in order to attain something outside of our selves. It is in this foolish masquerade of concepts that we live our lives, hoping against hope that it will all turn out well. One can only hope, is this not true?

In our divestitures we come to engage in a spiritual commerce dripping with untruths, false accusations and bald-faced lies. Why is it so hard for us to just see the truth of our being? How is it that we make the journey so long and difficult that we find ourselves giving up every now and then again only to pretend that nothing is happening, especially when we so fervently build a path ahead of ourselves? Surely Darkness comes before Dawn but who in their right mind would undertake such lunacy to begin with? In seeking our freedom we merely create the chains which we then bind ourselves with crying to some created god to save us from it all, all the misery, pain and suffering which we surround ourselves with. Lunacy indeed!

Stepping through doors of time and space accomplishes the seemingly impossible - to leave behind all that does not agree with us in order to be 'free'. Yes, freedom comes to be short lived as we find ourselves acting and doing the same as we have always acted and done. The basic instincts of Man remain while the Nature is regarded as an impoverished soul, avoided at all costs. The mind of Man knows no bounds and so shall live them. But this has nothing to do with Reality.

Most beings seek a better reality in which to continue to exist as they have existed. Unfortunately, illusionary ideals can never reach fruition. They can come very close, but they will never reach supremacy. Ignorance is no excuse for not doing what is right and that rightness can only come from our own self, from the deepest inner core of our being.

It's like finding out what makes a clock tick.

Until we discover our Nature time has purpose and meaning and within which we find being and hope for a better future.

Take a moment to recognize that all of the hopes and dreams for a better future, a better beingness are here right now at this very moment. In fact, you are all that you seek so why bother to chase every rabbit that crosses your path?

Staying the course means to remain fixed in your own Nature. Be there now.

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