What Is True For You, Is True For You

Truth can be a slippery slope, a narcissistic adventure where we end up someplace completely different than where we started and that end point is typically w-a-y off the mark. Our truth then becomes whatever we wish it to be. In this ploy of great magnitude, we find our little niche in which to live out our lives painfully unaware that our creation has just cost us dearly and complaining bitterly when we do become aware of our consequences. It takes more than just mental mud wrestling to allow ourselves to come face-to-face with truth, it takes great courage for beingness is contrary to taking a step back and observing the obvious.

That is what truth is. Observing the obvious. Observing without putting ourselves in the way of that which is plainly visible to all. There is much to the phrase, "hidden in plain sight". When we cloud our vision we see nothing but ourselves impinging upon the Universe.

As we mature spiritually we come to take refuge in our selves and not in those things which have nothing to do with us, those things which are perceived as being exterior to our selves. When we withdraw our attention from the Universe it comes home to roost within us. Both attention and Universe.

Our beingness requires belief, a conceptualized idea of how it is that we are to view all which lie outside of ourselves. In separating ourselves thus, truth comes to be whatever we wish it to be, but this is, of course, a computational error of great magnitude. Truth is never something which can be computed, qualified, quantified or any other 'scientifically' applied philosophy.

When a being holds to a truth that, for them, is unquestionable then it would be a disservice to disparage that truth. In such a contentious atmosphere destruction becomes the order of the day and it is the winner which would then go on to declare the 'real' truth.

One must be allowed to discover their own truth.

Not only for ourselves do we allow this discovery, but for all. Conviction that one's own truth is applicable to all is not only fool hardy but merely demonstrates just how far from the truth one really is. In granting beingness we ensure our own. Thus allowing truth to be valid for all who hold true to it, we allow ourselves to overcome our own narrow thinking. As our view of the Universe is examined and studied we come to find that our own truth is nothing but an idea which our beingness holds in high regard. Recognition of such means that our observation of the obvious is well underway.

Our beingess is nothing but an idea of who or what we really are. In this deception we effuse great conviction but truth requires neither conviction nor understanding.

What is true for you, IS true for you and you alone. When we bring in others of like mind in order to provide support to our own convictions we are merely spreading the pain of the consequences of our own deception. Coming face-to-face with our selves requires that we leave behind the beingness we so dearly love and embrace a truth which we cannot understand. A truth which need not create thinking in order to know it's self, a truth which need not 'be' but simply remain as it is.

Truth is not 'out there'. It is something which is neither 'found' nor 'discovered'. In order to recognize this all one need do is to allow ourselves to be our selves.

It's like adjusting the focus of a camera. First you have to set your sights on what is important and then bring it into focus. Sharp, crisp and unmistakable. That's a truth which is both internalized and externalized in a totality which we already are.

Smile for the camera!

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