Touching The Roof Of The Sky

Beyond all appearances there lies that which exists, not through time nor space but in perpetuity in an state beyond understanding, knowledge or any other tainted conceptualization. Being neither a state, form nor function how do we come to terms with such an overwhelming idea which cannot adequately describe it? How do we enable self-inspection without projecting wrong attachments? In this complexity there lies but a single, simple answer. Reach for the stars; touch the roof of the sky.

Going, without moving, beyond oneself requires us to have a glimpse into the impossible and in order to gain this foothold into self reflection all we need do is to stop the superfluous doing. Busying ourselves in living an illusionary life gains neither immortality nor superiority. We are what we are despite our grandest efforts of becoming.

In order to stake ourselves to the goal of that which lies beyond ourselves is but to catch a glimpse of our true Nature which, of course, we already are. So in order to fool ourselves into allowing us to revel in our Nature circumstances come to be created to provide the impetus to "move" us into action. Action causes reaction and in this physical mess we seem to take great delight and so breaking free requires great diligence and effort. What folly!

All we need do to achieve the great heights to which we aspire is to do nothing. Our everyday efforts, completely devoted to living a long and grand "life", does nothing but hinder our way, so why bother? Why bother with the little things to which we have devoted much time, money and effort? Is it not better to settle oneself with the way of life and living and to then devote our full attention to the core of our being?

As a wayward child, our attention has been diverted outward, creating the Universe for our pleasure. In this adventure we find beingness in which to full-fill our adventures, our ideas of and for the Universe at large. In order to reign in this Beast all we need do is to cease and desist. In so doing, we come to find that peace IS our nature and all else is nothing but idle chatter.

Moving attention requires the mastery of attention. In order to cease being a slave to our attention we must, by any means necessary, take notice of what it is that is being done with it. Since we have already let the Beast run wild and free, perhaps it is now time to teach it some manners by simply being aware of what it is doing in the first place. Nothing more need be done with it but simply becoming aware of it's movements. And then the wonder of it all is given the room to blossom.

Once awareness is fully grasped we can then begin to understand our true Nature by having awareness determine it's source. Not only to determine it's source but to fully be that source which, of course, you already are. Not in thinking that one is one thing or another, but to fully and completely be who or what you really are.

And when we come to know this, to actually come face-to-face with the core of our being, it is like touching the roof of the sky. Not only is it a wonder of all wonders to behold but there is simply nothing in this Universe, or any other, which can hold a candle to it. Not only is it something worth dying for, but it is also something which is worth living for. Something which is well worth our every waking and sleeping moment because we are that which we seek.

So stop chasing your tail and reach for the sky... pardner!

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