Going Beyond The Kill Zone

When we enter our spheres of influence not only do we open up ourselves to flight and fright, but we also create the environment into which we spill the entirety of our hopes and dreams. Seeking beyond the pale images which reflect upon our minds eye, we fervently seek to engage the reality which exists just beyond our egg-shaped comfort zone. In this case, seeking is creating the entertainment for our very own enjoyment. Of what matter is it to us if another participates or not, if another plays their part or not for surely it has already been ordained.

As we sit back in our comfort, we intently watch the show fully engaging our senses as need be and faltering not as our thoughts ebb and flow above and beyond. Our time is at hand and in this time we come to be fully alive and completely live up to the image of what that means. As the entertainment continues so too, does life and living.

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