Break On Through To The Other Side

In order to create the perfect environment for ourselves we must first create the concept or idea. After clearly imagining our creation we then take the next step of reaching physical fruition. But, of what use is this system of action? Do we so heavily depend upon our thought process that we can do nothing without it? Are we so captivated in systemization and procedures that we have lost sight of our own selves, unable to allow our own existence to reveal it's self?

Living in a universe of concepts and ideas can do nothing but entrap one into a physical realm of pain and suffering. When our thoughts betray us, we feel the effects. When our thoughts are kind to us, we feel their effects. From pain to pleasure we feel the effects of our own creations.

So why is it that so many are fervently caught up in the idea of a freedom with lies just beyond their reach? Through the process of thinking we effort to bring the future, and sometimes the past, into the present so as to experience their effects. What craziness is this? Is not the present the entirety of our existence? Do we not experience all that there is to experience in the present moment?

There is a universe of difference between the present and being out of phase. There is not a "being in the present" for when one is fully and completely in the present there is no being at all. There is only a reality which is all that there is.

But one can time travel in one's historical record, real or imagined it matters not. One can leave reality and achieve the appearance of reality, a reality which is completely man made and purely illusionary. This reality is as real and solid as one's thinking mechanism. Thinking, indeed, does make it so.

When we become enraptured in our reflection we become lost to our nature. In the illusion of life there is no dearth of takers and yet when it comes to maturely facing reality there is scarcity. Can this scarcity be driven by fear? Do we fear facing our true nature or is fear too, just another idea, another thought to be toyed with?

From our illusionary perspective there is but one way to go. It is to break on through to the other side, from illusion to reality, from appearance to the real. We must stop gazing at our reflection in the waters of life and come to know that falling in love with that reflection is just another way of moving away from our selves.

Accordingly, there is no where to go and nothing to do as we are already there doing what we are doing. Until we come to see the presence of reality, we will continue to be stuck in a time portal of our own making, never going any where and never doing any thing. Sure, we can gain comfort in our memories of conquest, our ideas and ideals on and about our selves, but when the foolishness stops, so too do the justifications for an empty existence.

There is more to life than life itself. There is so much more to reality than the reflection and reflections in which we have become immersed. Break on through to the other side.

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