Taking A Step Back

I’ve been reviewing and sorting a fair amount of communication that I’ve accumulated over the years and in taking a step backward to get a better overall view of exactly where things have come and just as important, where they are going, reveals quite an interesting ‘wave’ in time. It’s like taking a refresher course on some favorite topic of interest, it tends to move one into present time. And so I will deliver this message in that form, from a present time perspective.

The CoS is like a heavy-laden dump truck going to the local recycling yard. As always, there is a fair bit of charge enacted when the weight is a ‘bit’ on the heavy side. It’s funny that the checkpoints on the road along the way tend to ‘overlook’ this ‘innocent’ fact. Be that as it may, the CoS is grinding on and getting no where in it’s day-to-day existence. Life does indeed, go on. But since the CoS in closely aligned with other various nefarious factors on this planet, it’s day-to-day existence is used and abused to no end. Puppets tend to get worn out after a time with negligent use. At this point it doesn’t matter at all what happens with the CoS. They are out of the picture, in more ways than one.

The so-called ‘FreeZone’ beats the same drum. Shall we give it a twenty gun salute? It’s usefullness has also met it’s match and so it plunders on without a heart and soul. The helm is vacant and it looks like the ship at sea will eventually meets it’s demise so it, too, has moved out of the picture. Sail on!

As we turn our attention to other matters of time and space there seems to be a fair bit of energies coming this way, comets or no. If one cannot tell that the vibratory levels have reached new highs, then surely death is walking.

It’s a great time to be blind for how else are we to see?

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