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A Candle In The Darkness

I saw the following, printed on a black T-shirt: … 06 Jan 2012

Penance In Purgatory

This is a ‘come clean’ sort of report where I divulge a bit of information about myself and my actions regarding the Free Zone America (fza.org) website. Though the website has been long laid to rest there is some information which I would… 11 Oct 2011

The Bigger Picture

Most of the souls wandering, lost and lonely, upon this Blue Jewel have a great amount of difficulty seeing, let alone understanding, what is happening both within and without their own universe. This ‘universe’ can be defined as being that… 15 Jun 2007

Freedom In Expression

This site is currently on HOLD status awaiting the completion of THIS topic of discussion. User registration and Member login are both disabled at this time in order to appropriately assign correct importance. Please feel free to encourage vaxen… 19 Oct 2005

On Post And On Target

A reminder: When responding to a post please be sure that your reply is on topic and related to the discussion. If, after reading a post, other ideas and concepts come to mind and you wish to express them, then please do so in a new topic of… 19 Aug 2005

Taking A Step Back

I’ve been reviewing and sorting a fair amount of communication that I’ve accumulated over the years and in taking a step backward to get a better overall view of exactly where things have come and just as important, where they are going, reveals… 16 Aug 2005

The Definition Of 'Truth'

Truth has come to be defined in so many ways, sometimes conveniently so. Unless one has an understanding of what it is then it would become impossible for one to live in integrity, or lead an honest and just life which, of course, would result… 08 Aug 2005

Clanging The Church Bell

When we identify ourselves with some thing we become that something and so lose ourselves to the same degree. Claiming a title is like living up to a death sentence and so as the executioner we narrow our focus and pretend to be something which… 09 May 2005

Life, Before And After

I haven’t visited the wacky newsgroup alt.clearing.technology in a long, long time. I wouldn’t recommend the newsgroup _to anybody, but I was interested in reading the posts, if any, made by the few people that I know to be actual Scientologists. 15 Apr 2005

A Few Oddz 'n Endz

I’m expecting user registration is to be up and running soon, but I do not guarantee that things will go smoothly. At the moment I do not have a lot of interest in thoroughly testing all the things that should be tested. Sometimes, it’s best… 13 Apr 2005

About This Forum (Reflection)

Forum: Reflection Members and Guests may reply to the posts in this Forum, but cannot create new topics of discussion. This Forum is only for responding to the posts made here…. 12 Apr 2005

About This Forum (Reflection)

Forum: Reflection Members and Guests may reply to the posts in this Forum, but cannot create new topics of discussion. This Forum is only for responding to the posts made here…. 12 Apr 2005

A Word On Spoilage

The ‘freezone’, as most by now know, is but a gang of roving nomads looking for a home. What they do to themselves has no interest here at FZA, but sometimes the repercussions do need to be pointed out. When one looks for like-mindedness it is… 11 Apr 2005

Deception And Control (New Forum)

There is a new forum titled “Deception And Control” and it has a specific agenda. This is not to say that, along with everything else on this web site, it will not change over time - it will. The idea of being in session while using the forums… 08 Apr 2005

Who's In Charge Of This Planet?

Is there a ‘someone’ in charge? An elitist group perhaps? How about an alien agenda? Maybe no one is in charge, just our own narcissistic urges. There is a TON of information available that points in all directions, including in and upon itself…. 08 Apr 2005

Forum: Deception And Control

It’s been made clear that this site deals in directness. This also means that endless reasons, explanations, justifications and “why’s” mean diddly-squat. If one cannot or will not use one’s ability to peek behind the veil then of course,… 08 Apr 2005

Purpose And Conduct

The “Forum” section is an area where visitors and members may post messages, replies and comments subject to the Acceptable Use(acceptable-use) policy of Free Zone America. The emphasis here is not on how much one can say but on how direct… 01 Mar 2005

Re: Track Recall And "Recent Discoveries"

Nice choice for a new topic. :smile: Consider this: If the historical past stretches out to the horizon, what could possibly have taken place during that lengthy ‘time period’? Auditing uncovers considerations like crazy and perception… 13 Apr 2004

Members: RedFred

Members: RedFred has registered an account here on FZA.ORG and I have marked it as ‘inactive’. I find it a bit strange that RedFred, after disparaging Free Zone America, wants to become accepted as a member after making it known that he is quite… 20 Jan 2004

Show And Tell

For those that need Rules of the Road, here is a sample of the type of communication that is welcomed on the Forum and in commentaries. Clearly distinguished is the lack of opinionated thoughts, ideas and concepts. Clearly delineated is… 28 Aug 2003

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