The Bigger Picture

Most of the souls wandering, lost and lonely, upon this Blue Jewel have a great amount of difficulty seeing, let alone understanding, what is happening both within and without their own universe. This 'universe' can be defined as being that which is the containment within which one's attention is fixated. Where attention goes, awareness follows.

Or is it: where awareness goes, attention follows? This must be discerned for each according to their need. This, in itself helps to define one's own plan and purpose of being out among the stars of existence.

Here, we seek to understand, in our own individual way, who, what, where, when and how. Time, place, form and event define the boundaries within which we tend to operate. This narrow band of existence is where Man defines itself along with the experience of existence. This is, of course, but a narrow band of clearly defined ways and means. Here, we know of no such limitations despite the fact of operating within the very same.

The only life worth living is the examined one. If we do not examine our selves, the expression of our nature, we can be but doomed to live out a shallow and empty existence.

So have at it.

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