Brushing Against Reality: Choose Wisely

Brushing against reality we tend to look for those things which will make us feel most comfortable in our shakeable and shaken world of unknown. Wandering amongst our desires, we seek refuge and in so doing we endeavor to fall flat on our face in questioning wonderment. This is, of course, the reason for our insanity - to wonder, to go beyond our own unique characteristics in order to discover that there is no hope in hell that the same will perpetually endure. Sooner or later illusions disintegrate despite, and perhaps because of, the veracity of it's own objections. Survival of the fittest is but a means to our own ends. In this end of time the sands reveal not just the passage thereof, but of what remains after all is said and done.

As we seek refuge we determine that our own unlimited beingness is to remain undiscovered, unrevealed and become but a still small voice way in the back of the concert hall of our uniqueness. The folly of human nature knows no bounds and yet is bound, embraced and contained completely within the expression of beingness. We are not only what we have become, but as the unlimitedness of our potentiality far exceeds our grasp we can but yearn to seek and discover all that there is to be known. What folly it is when we put on our rose-colored glasses in order to do battle with our foes. In the kingdom of desire we do indeed rule all that we survey.

Maturity requires the evolution of wisdom, the difference of knowing and understanding, of information and symbiology. It all comes out of somewhere and certainly goes somewhere else. In this creationary route to heaven not all souls tend to agree as each is separate and apart and in so doing recognize that there is no such thing as a common bond among any one or any thing. Mortality is not always an easy thing to perpetuate.

As our eventuality reaches it's conclusion we come to divest our selves of all the clutter and nonsense we have compulsively collected along the way. In so determining our fate, we release both and gain that which cannot be gained through trial, error nor tribulation. So the fact of the matter simply becomes - just be.

In the joy of beingness we come to fully understand that we are never alone and neither is any one or any thing else. Our fruition depends upon the fruition of others. In this way, we seal our fate through the demonstration and exhibition of the characteristics so many have come to embrace in a love-hate relationship - our human nature, which is nothing but an idea of who or what we really are.

This is indeed the time of thought, of ideological love-making to which we full-fill all of our desires. Running rampant, our thoughts rule the roost and not only wake us up from slumber, but put us immediately back into it as well. Dreamily, we live out a life endowed with hopes and wishes for a future that does not and will not exist. For some, brushing against reality gives cause to their actions in order to push it away as fast and far as possible. For others, the wake up call can never be forgot.

"Sound the alarm, we got incoming!"

Consequences are but a wake-up call to rectify the stupidity of our actions. There is no greater consequence due us than from the loss of our love and compassion to one and another. Falling from grace requires a hard contact surface and it comes to be well provided for.

Our self-sustaining freedom of choice requires bounds, limitations and more importantly, consequences.

Choose wisely.

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