Playing The Straight Man

This planet is populated with a number of religious groups and such who all claim, and at times proclaim, that there is but ONE way to the Almighty, that there is but their way to redemption and salvation. There is no dearth of ideology in resolving the how and why of mankind and of Man's supplication to the Creator. Many times, these various outlets conform to competition in order to remain a viable enterprise among socialistic principals and Man's "rule of law". In this atmosphere of plenitude variants are to be expected.

Here, it can be said that there are no religious philosophies which can claim to uphold the ONE, the ONE and ONLY route, path or ritual to the Maker. They all, each and every single one, have validity. To each, according to their need.

In competition, one side must be viewed as being inferior while the other, superior. Who among Man can claim to be superior? In such a proclamation it becomes obvious the blind, the deaf and the lost. What fool would announce themselves thus?

Religion is about finding the most appropriate, individualistic approach toward the achievement of wholly and completely drawing into one's Heart the Maker and Shaker of this and all other universes, the one and only Creator of all creation. Since not all share the exact same approach what possible purpose could be served to conform and confine Mankind to one single approach?

As there is no God but God, all roads lead there. Only your Heart can steer you in the right direction and mortal man can but be the witness.

In due regard to the question: "What religion are you?", I can but say: "I am God's religion. I follow the religion of God."

When one begins to look with open eyes, there is nothing that one will see which is not of God. To revel in His presence is indeed to be alive and in that aliveness there is a recognition that ALL are thus rooted. Fortunately or unfortunately, through one's own freedom of choice, consequences come to be known.

I choose to recognize the glory of Creation in all religions, in all practices and procedures, in all rituals and sacrifices.

In so doing, the obvious becomes exemplified.

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