In The Still Of The Night

Well, it's time for another update report and it's not, at this moment, looking merrily in the least. In the Darkness of Man's existence the cancer of greed continues unabated and yet, simultaneously, the noticed yet unacknowledged sliver of light continues to manifest. Within this play-field of conquest and despair, of hopes and dreams, we take no refuge. Man, in order to reach it's destined heights of experience, must Fall and indeed fallen it has become. Destitute and dying, Man's attention inexorably wanders to the greatness within. Through hook or by crook time marches on.

Within this hook and crook the actors stake their claim and fame in order to pursue the enlightenment of their characters through the process of trial and tribulation. Staring in the mirror of onslaught, we tend to duck. Running from our own worst enemies, the feebleness of our creations become quite apparent - even to the deaf, dumb and blind. Self sacrifice it must be. Perhaps now it is time to give up the Ghost.

As our mantle of misdirection and unattention dissolve in the completion of servitude, our metamorphosis comes full circle. We are what we are and ever so shall be.

I am not the one you know and yet upon seeking the depths of the mirror the reflection returns as none other than your own self-fulling prophecy. Is this the circle complete and whole or has yet the circle to complete it's resurrection?

Time is neither of the essence nor the fruit of one's own actions. In this Universe of disrepute perhaps the light switch has finally come to the fore. Will the last out please turn off the lights?

As there is no End Time there is no Beginning Time. From start to finish arbitration remains aloof and yet we all become bound by the chains of Creation. Following in our own footsteps we become all that we wish and have already deemed to be so. In awareness we rise and in awareness we fall. Riding the Crest through known space and time, we never arrive, for in arriving our journey comes to it's end.

And so it is done.

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