Creepy Crawlers

There are a number of interesting things going on in and around the so-called "FreeZone" these days. From the pirate Hunsaker giving up the ghost again to "The Pilot" doing the same. What progress!

In the typical fashion of obfuscation and circuitous route planning, the so-called "FreeZone" looks to be enjoying themselves quite handily. Fruits of reward!

From "FreeZone America" to "FreeZone Earth" the names keep changing but the "pieces" remain the same. "Progress"? It's an object which does not exist on the radar screen of death and destruction. Can enlightenment be far behind?

As most so-called "Scientologists" recognize that one is not the body which one so tenderly inhabits, death of the same should be merely regarded as the passage of nothing, but since the common perception among the "elite" is that no one can talk to ghosts, the road to Total Freedom remains closed for renovation. It's not the destination, but the journey - right? All roads lead to pull-out vistas from which can be viewed lovely and entertaining sights. "Oh Honey, let's pull over!"

Perhaps the Marching Band just continues to work it's magic in complete indifference to the traffic jam to hell. Who cares anyway?

Well, for the Royal Blood, care and attention remain tagged items, to be viewed and played with to the nth degree. Oh, the poor dears! What will they do now?

I'm sure that we will all be taken by complete surprise!

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