Feeling For Existence

It can be said with certainty that the symphonic movement of pieces upon the Board of Life is in full swing, as it always is. Sometimes when we color our world it becomes quite rosy and then, with a simple twist of the wrist, all changes before our very eyes. In this fantasy world of illusion and delusion what the media does not tells us simply does not exist. In this wish-filled story book our lives comes to be full-filled as is thought best for us. Yes, the pieces are indeed in movement.

But this movement is quite typical of our times and yet, in full awareness of our senses, it is seen that this game is for the faint of heart as surely there can be no conviction where the obvious is seen for what it is. Yawn. Another time, another place where children just go on being children doing what a normal adult has long since left behind. Can this be the battle of dimension, of time and space where those of ignorance, newly born of beingness, demonstrate their wares? Ask the mature and well-developed. They have already set sail and been in these uncharted waters and yet remain today, looking out with judgement upon the newly initiated as being of something far less grand, something far less than they themselves were at that very same time in their growth of opportunity. So where does this really leave us?

Never are we cast adrift upon the high seas to "figure out" life, the universe, and everything. Can we please get beyond our selves now?

This is the battle, not for the Mind of Man but for our outward glance of existence. Here, we define our selves and reap our fields of plenty. As the hired hand, at what point is our fixation sowed upon another field, another dimension of "opportunity".

Intelligence is not a by-product of thought. When we break the machine, when we destroy our own robotic and fixated tendencies, perhaps it is then that we will take flight and come to see that rising above physicality is not looking down as from above but acknowledging our own creation.

Running is good exercise but the hamster Wheel of Life just goes on and on...

Isn't it fun being a Piece as the Masters of the Universe play out a game which we have absolutely no clue of? More shocking still is that our wish to have our eyes shut tight gives us a feeling of peace and security.

A Piece does indeed feel for it's existence.

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