Strange Fate

How does thought develop? How does life experience create a lasting impression whereby similarities and differences become recorded for all of posterity? To what use does one employ the various recordings of life and living? Are we so frightened that we must rely upon non-existent happenings in order to create a checklist of how to deal with a present time condition or circumstance? How is it that our attention comes to be applied to the past and the future while the present is completely ignored? Do we fear the present to such a degree that we only deal with it when it becomes the past? Why do we think? What is it's purpose? How do we benefit from it's use? What price to do pay when it receives our full attention?

The mind is not a natural possession, given to us by our parents for which we must fully attend. Progressively, man has embraced conceptual survival as being of greater import than the physical. One can easily slay another and be claimed the victor and yet in our endless quest of gamesmanship, we find that mental combat provides an even greater enjoyment - especially as the loser is around to enjoy the loss! In this shallow game of wits and deceit, torment comes to be inflicted through thoughts, ideas and concepts.

The threat is very real and we are it.

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