Basking In Narcissism

Expressing our endless right to be, do and have all that we wish for ourselves, we come to fully embrace the perpetual expansion of the rippling effect upon our universe of the drop of our being upon the canvas of life and living. In this moment of forget-fullness we become that momentary pause of not knowing and so "find" ourselves out among the effects of our being. Perception is always a matter of perception. In so striking the root, the tree of life becomes effect. This is where the action really is.

In gazing upon the rippling waters of our very own pond, our self absorption becomes total. Outward flowing, our expansion knows no bounds and diminishes only within the same context. We are Makers and Rulers extraordinaire!

At the pond of life and living, we are - and of what fine cloth! Reveling in our own nature we think and so the nature of our being becomes a reality we perceive. In so coloring our handiwork we come to feel worthy of our praise. What fine creations we are! And yet, being so lost in our gaze, our true nature never wanders. Perception is a matter of perception, indeed.

Eventually, as time progresses, it comes to be time to change the channel to another interesting set of scenarios, fates and destiny. Perhaps another reward can be attained through a 'different' wave of the hand. The Magician ever endures the quest of the ultimate little realizing that the perception upon which existence is formed is but an illusion itself. Ever on the path of the great leap forward, one has no time for the contemplation of reality. Much too busy are we!

One's life is nothing but the rippling effect of the drop of our being and since this drop is unlimited, so too are our causes and effects. Truth and consequences are predicated upon a fixated foundation of which we have nothing to do with, but don't try to convince anyone of this as failure is assured. What is true, is true - for you and you alone.

You can lead a horse to water, but nothing in the universe will entice it to drink unless it is so motivated. That inner motivation is our nature, based in reality. It is this reality to which all efforts of awareness are devoted. You cannot teach what you do not know and when you know there is no compulsion to teach.

Think about that as you gaze upon the waters of your existence.

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