Pondering The Unfathomable

Here is an entry to demonstrate that time passes and so do we. Among the plenitude of our experience there remains one final push into the reality we most fear - death. Whether the scythe cuts one this pass or the next, all that we can claim with conviction is that indeed, it does cut and we become laid to rest. So what is the point of evolution then? What becomes of the nurturing nature of expanding awareness? Questions, by their design perpetuate one's desire of reaching into an unknown which has been gleefully created for us, by us. Enjoyment knows no bounds like our spirit of play!

This website has yet again been altered to present the same old stuff, dressed to kill, in yet another fashionable guise. So why bother even reading this superfluous characterization of belief? I ponder the wonder of it all and declare in full jest: "What time did you say it was?"

All moments have their time and since time consists of nothing but, here is the moment to contemplate. Go ahead, take it. How about now? Endurance as a quality of life continues to persist as we reap our experience and wear our very best sun glasses so that the end of the line cannot be seen so quickly and most obviously.

Before the point becomes unbearable please be sure to pass it all by relegating the chaff to where it belongs - momentary creationism of the finest grade. Yes, we do perpetuate ourselves quite nicely, do we not?

Would the last one out please turn off the lights.

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