Off World, Off Course

As a planetary body this planet contains numerous wonders and delights to behold. The body moves with a grace and balance quite appropriate to it's demeanor. It's not my planet but it is a home to many, many others here - and that is where the trouble begins.

One's home is one's castle and as any intelligent race can attest, careless endeavors ensure problems of magnitude. This planet is in trouble and as the beginning stages of the repercussions move to the end of that stage the problems of magnitude multiply exponentially. Though it is never too late to care for the wounded some advanced wounds will simply refuse to be healed. Death knows when it is itself at the door.

A race can only advance through a foundation rooted in moral and just principals, of honor and integrity which currently appear to be close to non-existent here. Appearances can be deceiving but planetary bodies take no pleasure in man's embrace of such silliness. What is, is and what occurs, does indeed occur. Signs and portents are all well and good, but what happens when those who contain the ability to read such are all slaughtered in the name of 'the greater good'. Of course the only good which can come out of it is greed for the greedy and hunger for the hungry.

As the signs and portents reveal themselves in the form of death and destruction, don't worry. Just pick up that handy dandy device called the 'remote' and watch a different corporate news channel which will reveal to you that which is more acceptable and comfortable. We all have our place, do we not? Blinded, our ears hear nothing but the lack of our own intelligence. Can Man grow up out of his own self ends?

As we continue to veer out into the cosmos hell-bent on a path of destruction, perhaps the venting of rage will eventually empty it's self of it's glory and the light will come on.

Being in charge of one's own destiny doesn't mean that the proof comes by destroying all that we see.

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