Pied Piper

Opposing odds, we find a certain comfort and glee within which to live out a contemptuous existence. Neither dead nor alive the actors entertain and with fanciful footsteps ply their trade. Cast aside as not being worthy of note, we roboticly do as we are told, when and where. It's not easy being nurtured from birth into roles of proprietary enterprise but since we are here to please, we do so. Our minds are not our own and this we consciously acknowledge. Breaking the rules requires consequence, what fool would do thus?

With a foot in the grave and another endowed with life we walk a fine line embracing an existence which lacks permanence. All that can be given, can be taken away. Holding on for dear life, we clutch at any and all things within our grasp. Holding tight, we shut the shades and pretend that no one is home lest our prizes be reclaimed - yet again.

In holding, we lose. In pretension, we find beingness. In life, we find death and often come to know fear. Who in their right mind would enter life in order to embrace a tenuous existence based upon these facets, upon these qualities which can only be attributed to something much greater and grander than the front row seats we find ourselves in. With attention fixated upon the world stage, emotion moves us and in this definition our beingness take refuge. How good it is to feel alive!

And then the Pied Piper shows us the other side of the coin. Captivating our ears, we fall prey to it's beauty and grace and do the same all over again. There is no such thing as past lives and karma as we fully demonstrate their existence right here and now. Keeping the dream alive, we live. In so doing we play one tune after the other, never letting the weary rest as there is no such thing.

Our cleverness knows no bounds. It's not the show that is the problem, it's our perception. It's not the tune which we blindly follow that is the problem, it's our own demented ideas of life and living finding life and living. In taking a step back we come to find that we are one step closer to home.

So quit following the Piper because it's not the way home.

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