Fearing The Wolf Devouring Our Souls

Awareness and insight do not come to those who mindlessly bask themselves in the glow of darkness. Surrounding oneself with hegemony feels good to those who hold the reins but make no mistake about it, when one is on the other end of those reins there is nothing but pain and misery. Is it any wonder that the powerful seek power while the lowly class of peasants simply go about their business. Unfortunately, it is not business as usual these days as the open air market has taken on an air of death and destruction. Would this alone scare one into taking control of one's life?

Fear, pictures of 'what may happen', can be overwhelming to the undisciplined mind. Not only does the mind create these horror master pieces but it compulsively attaches itself to them. Where is the separation? Are we the banks of information which is the basis of the mind. When we dive into our thoughts we lose ourselves to an unreality called thinking. Contemplating one picture over another does about as much good for one as going to the movies to be 'entertained'.

There are some forces in the Universe which love entertaining and it seems that it is not very difficult to sway the sleeping giants. Yes, we are sleeping giants because if we were to become awake our condition would compell us into action and it is this action which is deadly to those who hold the reins of 'power'.

An awake and aware being can not be controlled.

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