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Smoke 'Em If Ya Got 'Em

A challenging game requires so much more than than the cards that some how wind up in your hand. Given a playing field the 'field' can suddenly become greatly expanded and come to include all sorts of twists and turns. It all requires a lively... 18 Jan 2024

Off World, Off Course

As a planetary body this planet contains numerous wonders and delights to behold. The body moves with a grace and balance quite appropriate to it's demeanor. It's not my planet but it is a home to many, many others here - and that is where the... 16 Mar 2007

The First Peoples Choice

Upon creating a planetary body designed for specific purposes and goals, certain particulars which describe that creation remain attached to it and therefore can be used, by those so wishing, to acquire knowledge on and about it. Consider the... 12 Oct 2006

Lights In The Night Skies Part II

Light travels everywhere. From sun blinding heights to the darkest depths, light comes to be seen - and appreciated. Looking up into the heavens one can sometimes catch a glimpse, or two, of events born of time and space interacting with the... 05 Dec 2005

Planetary Evolution

Planets do evolve over time. As the inhabitants slowly progress over time there typically comes a point where might comes up against right. Also in typical fashion, this internal conflagration sets the stage for the planet's future. If might... 10 Aug 2005

The Golden Age of the Free Zone

Currents in time become definable only in relation to the passing of it. By itself, it has no meaning, but when motion begins to fill it's space, time has a way of becoming unmistakably solid. You can't get around it no matter what you do. Of... 27 Sep 2002

Balance, or Polarity?

In the time of lost good-byes, there comes a time and times when at the stroke of midnight, yet again the times change. Ultimately, the moment passes and becomes born anew in the between of here and the now. Escaping, fruition comes as if of... 23 Dec 2001

The Test of Time

There was a time when peace was known throughout the land. Pain and suffering were not unheard of, but these sorts of experiences were something that were not actively sought or desired, but were looked upon as being the byproduct that they are.... 12 Nov 2001

Bad Day At Black Rock

Behavioral scientists have recently discovered that a person's reality is based solely upon their perception of themselves and that as an extension, family, marriage, career and every other associative companionship is completely biased and... 06 Jul 2001

The Planet Muldoon

Remember when? Of course, there is always a 'when', but in this particular discussion, the 'when' entails a time of 'freedom'. That 'freedom' is no different than the 'freedom' we are all so diligently and fervently working on, not just for... 27 Dec 2000


Reaching toward the unknown, what stops you from achieving your splendor, other than yourself. Efforting is in the band of desire in which we all walk the walk of life. There is no escape from ourselves. The prison planet theory holds true in... 13 Sep 2000

Barriers To Freedom

There are always barriers, just as there are always those who are 'free'. What better way to gain freedom than to erect barriers along the way? Freedom exists so long as you create the barriers in which it survives. Once the barriers disappear,... 07 Aug 2000

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