The Planet Muldoon

Remember when? Of course, there is always a 'when', but in this particular discussion, the 'when' entails a time of 'freedom'. That 'freedom' is no different than the 'freedom' we are all so diligently and fervently working on, not just for ourselves, but as a reflection - others as well. Freedom from our own thoughts, or as some call it, 'imagination'.

What I am getting at is the planet called Muldoon and how a demonstration was undertaken to show ourselves and others, what 'freedom' entails and what, exactly, is required in order to gain it. There are many different kinds of freedom, but in this instance we are dealing with freedom from thought. That sounds simple, and it really is, but freedom of thought can be looked at as meaning the ability to remove oneself from mind matters. The mind, as we all know, stores pictures for our personal enjoyment. These thought patterns are created for entertainment, and this is the reason that you usually see a little blurb that is put at the beginning of many of the messages, articles, etc. that I write. "Entertainment, of dubious value, for your reading pleasure." This is all entertainment, and it can be taken as seriously as you want, or as ludicrously simple-minded in it's approach and interpretation.

'Freedom' takes work and lots and lots of effort. Actually, the effort expended is in removing the obstacles that are placed in the path, the rest comes as if by itself, but I keep digressing on this topic of Muldoom.

Yes, it has that nickname. Muldoom, the planet of eternal freedom, where everyone can fight for freedom non-stop and where that freedom can be enjoyed in direct relation to what has been 'examined, revealed and understood'. It sounds good and entertainment, having that strange and peculiar quality of non-participative emotive feedback, draws the crowds like nothing else.

Clearing technology was applied at Muldoon, like no other time or place in this universe. Anything and everything was 'discovered', used and 'refined'. It was a technologist's dream, and it lasted for thousands and thousands of years. Do you know how hard it is to pull yourself away from a game in which you are truly enjoying yourself? Leaving the planet of Doom was not an option. Well, it was not an option for about 99.8% of the participants.

The freedom train tends to become self-fulfilling after a while. It's own momentum carries itself and it's passengers magically along the way, almost as if it was alive of it's own accord. A thetan can do anything forever, but at what point does it suddenly create the decision to STOP.

There are even cases where the train HAS stopped, but some passengers, who were so caught up in the momentum, didn't even notice, and continued traveling as if nothing had changed. The power of imagination drives us all full speed ahead.

I'm way off the track of talking about the planet Muldoon, but it all depends upon your interpretation of what I am talking about in the first place. I'll make it a bit more simple. Enjoy the game and if you aren't enjoying the game, then realize that letting your imagination run wild WILL prevent you from enjoying the game you first began. What game are we talking about? The game of Life. There's never a dull moment!

Let me end off with this mind based processing equation: You can't win if you aren't playing the same game as the losers.

Muldoom was a good lesson in Life. The spiral of degradation is non-existent, but we can imagine otherwise. As a matter of fact, we can imagine anything we want. We can color our world and populate it as we wish. Immortality shows us that when we become mortal we are only fooling ourselves. The road ahead is the road you make. How will it be for you?

Note: The above was actually provided for a particular person. If you, or someone else, may get something out of it, enjoy!1

  1. This article was posted to the newsgroup using the identity 'Chance-llor' and included the following:

    Entertainment, of dubious value, for your reading pleasure.



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