Just Be YourSelf

All the religious theories and doctrines in the world could never replace the emptiness that is felt within. That emptiness can never be denied and in the same breath we seek fulfillment by whatever strikes our fancy. To be empty requires the search of fulfillment and vice-versa. Is it not better to just accept All That Is?

Being something is almost a requirement of existence, but this is not really so. Being yourSelf can, at times, seem to be an almost impossible task, but what better task could possible exist in this universe of hopes and dreams? Perseverance is all that it takes, along with the knowing that seeking answers contradicts the ultimate goal of realizing our true nature. There is no miracle 'cure'. All it takes is a willingness to separate ourselves from the illusions we put before us.

You are not who or what you 'think' you are. Why not just give it a try and see. Just be yourSelf and come to realize that the wonder of being is the most holy crusade ever achieved.

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