Pieces, stuck together form a symbiotic relationship. As identities, we merge into that something which creates them. Running case off of an identity works, but spiritual 'advancement' will be hindered to the degree that these identities are given life.

Processing an identity can take the form of the current one, or even processing the 'entire' case from a previous one. What it comes down to is that these identities as the pieces of that 'something' which remains just out of our reach, as it should be.

Mind based processing is another term for identity processing, and that is exactly what most of the Scientology-type of processing is. Without the mind, the identity is non-existent.

The best way to circumvent this dastardly foe is to not submit to it's powerful urge to be 'understood'. Dissecting this will keep one very busy for quite some time, as you may have noticed.

Event processing, attempts to bypass this limitation by addressing that 'something' which lies just beyond those identities. This 'something' gives birth to identities left and right and has little use for banks, tracks, time, place, form and event.

The mind, due to it's inherent characteristic, requires attention in various aspects. Bypassing this attention, event processing can address that 'something' with secondary benefits to the mind itself. The mind does interfere in this regard and if the individual is not aware of the differences between bodies, minds and that 'something', then failure will be the order of the day. Getting past the guard does not require force or logic, as these are well known within it's own little world. What is required is the concept of there being 'something' of which the mind owes it's creation and validation.

There is nothing wrong with the mind concept, so please do not assume that it must be willingly destroyed at all costs.

If you point to the being that you were divided from, you may discover that "you" are only a fragment of your imagination. There may be "pieces" of 'you' floating all over this universe. That may be an ugly thought, but not nearly as ugly as the thought that you are your body no matter how much you 'think' otherwise.

Fragmentation of self reveals itself quite often harmonically, but you will never see it if all you are looking at is 'you' in charge. Believe me, you ain't. :-)

Event processing is not useful nor important, please don't pretend otherwise. Releasing oneself from bondage is actually the easiest thing there is to do and does not require nor demand routines, training, or continuous effort attached to various 'processing'. Event processing is not actually a process at all. It is a way of thinking. How is that for a contradiction! :-)1

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