Researching The Unfathomability Of Existence

The road is clear, existence is an outgrowth of eternity and goes on forever. It never ends in the same way that theta never ends, even though this is quantifying something that is unlimited. Within that limitation experience desires to express itself and from that desire clearing technology research is born.

Mapping the road out is not for the faint of heart. It sometimes can create a causative terror that is quite unlike the terror of effect. Responsibility for oneself becomes almost insurmountable. We create reality to suit our needs.

Along the lines of researching the effects of co-existence it can sometimes be ascertained that the depth and breath of co-existence leads us into areas totally unprepared for. New avenues of experience are the universes in which we survive.

Sometimes that experience needs an impetus to keep us moving along the time track. Stopping points restrict our movements and thereby we become part of the solidity of time. To that end, a few minor tweaks, or corrections, in our perception of reality is sometimes desirable and hence necessary.

Research Correction List

Is someone else creating your reality?
Is someone experimenting with your body?
Is your body being held captive?
Does someone have other plans for you?
Are you located somewhere else?
Is someone trying to make you believe in something?
Who has your keys?
Are you insisting upon a certain course of action?
Who are you working for?
Have you passed the test?
Where are you going?
Can you be released?
Are you tired?
What goal has been suppressed?
Point to the cause of you being effect.
What decision has been regrettably made?
Is your condition self imposed?
Is there an unresolved implanted compulsion?
Who made you this way?
Is there a process that needs to be run?
Who can help you?
What will help you?
Are you hiding from yourself?
Is a transformation being inhibited?
Is there something you do not want to know about?
Have you been warned?
Do you have a pre-existing condition?
Out ethics?
Do you have orders to destroy yourself?
Are you being monitored?
Did you find something you weren't supposed to?
Is there something that does not make sense?
Has your research been completed?
Has a gross research error been made?
Are you being bombarded?
Is there research that should be discarded?
Do you fear for your safety?
Is there an earlier/similar in restimulation?
Has someone told you to be this way?
Are you unhappy with reality?
Is this space not yours?
Did something go wrong?
Can't resist?
Have you lost time?
Where did you get your training?
Is it too early to reveal something?
Have you failed at something?
Stuck pictures?
Making it real?
Over exertion?
Too much too soon?
Is this taking place somewhere else?
Inappropriate research?
Are you going in the wrong direction?
Is your research unacceptable?
Are you looking in the wrong place?
Are you in pt?
Is there a missing list item?1


13 Apr 2005

What The Heck?

I wrote the above piece when 'The Pilot' (aka Ken Ogger) was going wacky. My purpose in writing it was to see where the so-called ‘freezone’ was at.

Everyone failed.

And so I eventually left the dogs to their prey.

I was quite surprised to find that they were all out of touch, but if wishes were fishes I’d have fed very well that day. :-(

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